Joann Vitali




Growing up in southern Connecticut, I attribute my passion for photography to living so close to New York City. As long as I can remember, New York City has fascinated me with its mixture of old and new America. This is depicted in my New York Series of photographs in the first phase of my photography. 

In between my move from Connecticut to New Hampshire, I did a great deal of traveling by auto across our country. I've spent time in Oregon, Southern and Northern California, Pennsylvania, and Florida. During this time I had the opportunity to photograph the roadways and scenic vistas of this beautiful land. After finally settling down in New Hampshire, my interests seemed to steer me towards photographing the beauty of everything New England. This is the current series I am working on. 

I'm a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association and the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists. Work has been exhibited at the Exeter, New Hampshire Town Hall, the Chimera Art Gallery, the Chandler Library, Gallery One, and Martin's Photographix and Digital Exhibits, in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Another thing about me is that my love for music is right up there with my love for photography...and occasionaly I will make a vid of a favorite musical piece to my photos. I will post them here. Enjoy:)

Most images can also be purchased as Greeting Cards and unique gifts Here are some links to my online stores where they are available for purchase.


You may contact Joann Vitali Directly through her websites or you may call me Angel Rodriguez 603-512-2000