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Welcome to Professinal Creative Service. We are a visual communications group which offers Photographic, Digital Graphics, and Web Development Services. Combining years of experience and the highest quality digital equipment we will capture and create what you the client is looking for.

It is our personal mission to deliver the highest quality imagery and provide total satisfaction.

With all honesty "our and we" is mostly me; Angel Rodriguez. I also work with others and sub contract, outsource and refer some artists and induviduals from around the North East. I have represented artists as a gallery owner and made many connections over the years. I feel we still applies but in most instances it's just me. For my personal resume click here. For personal references please click here.

With the exception of induvidual artists pages you are viewing my portfolio. If you wish to download some media click here.

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Angel Rodriguez 603-512-2000

Family and Portrait photo album samples

Family and Portrait photo album samples

Family Family Family Family Family


Family Family Family Family Family
I have been an artist since the age of 7 creating and expressing through visual mediums. At the age of 11 I started creating commissioned pieces upon the request of others. I went through all the media available to me as if I was hungry for something other than what existed around me. Wanting to furnish the world around me with my own flair I studied drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, photography, film, and computer graphics.

I finished my high school studies with gold medals and scholarships from The Scholastic Art Awards, 9 blue ribbons and 12 honorable mentions from The Boston Globe Art Awards, as well as The Karl H Gottschalk Art Scholarship, first place and blue ribbons from Plymouth State College and assistant teaching core and independent studies while leading the local Arts Honors Society for three years.

I attended The Massachusetts College of Art in Boston Massachusetts and focused my Undergraduate studies on Art Education while attaining Graduate credits in photography and education. I left college to join the industry work force and freelance while studying the arts and educating the public through local schools, workshops, exhibits and galleries.
I also keep a stock book and portfolios.

Angel Rodriguez - Creative Professional
80 Blossom Street
Nashua, NH 03060

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As an artists I wish to supersede my clients and my own goals. As a dedicated employee and team player I endeavor to supply excellence and quality
performance while in the employ of a great company sharing the same values.
I aspire to deliver employer expectations of project guidelines and create remarkable campaigns
to drive marketing success. I pursue to adapt to newer technologies, trends, and the expansion
of mine and my coworker's skill sets.

Technical Knowledge:

Adobe Master Collection CS5.5, Elements 10, Lightroom 3.5
Photographic systems, scanners and studio equipment
Nikon View NX2, Capture NX2
Bryce and Deep Paint 3D applications
FX Photokey 2
Microsoft Office

Creative Skills:

Engaging chamelonistic customer and coworker report
Tradional and cutting edge creative styling
Master of contemporary and modern medias
Philosophical and logical problem solving


Fundemantal and Art Educator studies at Massachusetts College of Art
Ritz Camera Interactive and Cyber Scholar online learning
Private tutoring, local workshop and group seminars


Freelance multimedia artist
Use of contemporary mediums, photographic and digital tools to execute client visual desires
Web, prepress, production processing and fabrication of client project

1989-2012 Perfecta Camera/Ritz Camera & Image
North East Educational Event Coordinator/Instructor, Sales Associate, and Lab Technician
Organized and executed private and group classroom, seminar, and eld consultation or instruction
Produced corporate and local print media, seminar presentations and system guidelines

2004-2005 Lee Certified Coins, Castlee, Web World Global 
Store Assistant Manager, Sales Broker, Computer Specialist, Web Designer
Customer service, sales, and portfolio management.
Inventory control, ordering inventory replenishment, and purchasing.
Web graphics, site planning, web maintenance, and web auctions.
All graphics, company communications, pre press, and ad materials.

1995 1999 That Other Gallery, Kroft Studios
Public Relations, Studio Manager, Artist Representative of over 50 artisit
Responsible for advertising, gallery exhibitions, photographic studio, and computer studio. 
Customer service, managing staff, digital and photographic work.
Use and knowledge of Mac and PC platforms.
Use and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and PageMaker.
Use and knowledge of Macromedia suite.

As an artist I have worn many hats:

Art Directing 10 Years Experience..
Painter and Illustrator 25 Years Experience..
Sculptor 15 Years Experience..
Multi-Media Artist 15 Years Experience..
Graphic Designer 11 Years Experience..
Merchandise Displayer and Window Trimmer 26 Years Experience..
Installation and Set Design 10 Years Experience..
Exhibitor and Exhibit Designer 15 Years Experience..
Professional Photographer 26 Years Experience.
Participant of New Hampshire Art Honors Society 4 years.


Pierre Durand
Senior Credit Analyst
People's United Bank

Karen LeGoullon
Enterprise Accounts Manager

Lisa Marzonie
Production, Traffic and Media Director

Craig Packard
Network System Engineer
Netlogic Computer Consulting

Sachin Shah
Senior Manager
Oracle America

Tom Wilder
Former New England Zone Director
Ritz Camera & Image
Cell 781-526-0886

Jeffery Stallard
Former Ritz Camera Store Manager
Ritz Camera & Image

John Windholz
Former National Manager of Ritz University
Ritz Camera & Image

Mike Rosenbaum
Former National Director of Training
Ritz Camera & Image

Bob Gerber
Consultant Retail Division
Gordon Brothers Group

Here are skills associated with my years of artistry and service to it’s industry:

Oversee execution of organizational or program policies
Consult with customers concerning needs
Use creativity to art or design work
Use graphic arts techniques
Set page layout or composition
Communicate visually or verbally
Create art from ideas
Distinguish details in graphic arts material
Interview customers
Schedule work to meet deadlines
Organize commercial artistic or design projects
Prepare artwork for camera or press
Proofread printed or written material
Tell stories through visual arts
Use computer graphics design software
Make presentations
Assign work to sta or employees
Approve product design or changes
Confer with other departmental heads to coordinate activities
Use photographic equipment
Use creativity in graphics
Use creativity to art or design work
Use oral or written communication techniques
Use teaching techniques
Communicate visually or verbally
Convert information into instructional program
Create art from ideas
Design classroom presentations
Develop instructional materials
Express creativity through music, dance, or acting
Direct and coordinate scientic research or investigative studies
Organize educational material or ideas
Use public speaking techniques
Teach college level courses
Write research or project grant proposals
Write scholarly or technical research papers
Maintain educational records, reports, or les
Prepare educational reports
Use computers to enter, access or retrieve educational data
Make education presentations
Conduct research on work-related topics
Advise students
Encourage group participation
Record and evaluate student performance and progress
Develop course or training objectives
Achieve Special Camera Effects
Achieve Special Lighting Or Sound Effects
Apply Airbrush Techniques
Apply Characteristics Of Materials Used In Graphic Design
Apply Cleaning Solvents
Apply Creativity To Art Or Design Work
Apply Creativity To Graphics
Apply Engraving Techniques
Apply Film Production Techniques
Apply Graphic Arts Techniques
Apply Knowledge Of Art Theory Or History
Apply Knowledge Of Multi-Media Technology
Apply Knowledge Of Written Communication To Correspond With Customers
Apply Library Or Online Internet Research Techniques
Apply Object-Oriented Computer Programming Techniques
Apply Oral Or Written Communication Techniques
Apply Page Layout Or Composition Techniques
Apply Project Management Techniques
Arrange Merchandise Display
Assemble Advertising Displays
Conduct Or Attend Staff Meetings
Conduct Training For Personnel
Confer With Client Or Staff Regarding Theme, Style, or Intent.
Confer With Client Regarding Type Of Arrangement Desired
Confer With Work Colleagues To Design Systems
Consult With Managerial Or Supervisory Personnel
Coordinate Set Construction, Erection, Or Decoration Activities
Create Art From Ideas
Cut Metal Or Plastic
Cut Or Shape Stone, Tile, Brick, Or Related Material
Cut, Shape, Fit, Or Join Wood Or Other Construction Materials
Decorate Using Hand Or Power Tools
Design Construction Projects
Design Control Systems
Design Decorative Displays
Design Molds
Determine Locale Or Period Of Story
Determine Project Methods And Procedures
Determine Specifications
Determine Specifications Or Testing Procedures
Develop Budgets
Develop Film Or Other Photographic Medium
Distinguish Details In Graphic Arts Material
Draw Designs, Letters, Or Lines
Draw Prototypes, Plans, Or Maps To Scale
Edit Video Film Scenes
Edit Written Material
Establish Pace Of Program Or Sequence Of Scenes
Establish Production Schedule
Etch Or Cut Designs In Glass, Metal, Or Plastic
Evaluate Material Specifications
Exploit Photographic Materials
Fabricate Craft Or Art Objects
Fabricate, Assemble, Or Disassemble Manufactured Products By Hand
Follow Customer Instructions
Hand Carve Objects From Stone Or Other Materials
Inspect Project Operations, Or Site To Determine Specification Compliance
Install Or Set Up Equipment
Interpret Stage-Set Diagrams To Determine Stage Layout
Maintain Records, Reports, Or Files
Measure Construction Dimensions
Meet Deadlines
Mix Paint, Ingredients, Or Chemicals, According To Specifications
Mix Photographic Chemicals
Negotiate Business Contracts
Observe Set Or Location
Operate Cameras
Operate Film Or Sound Editing Equipment
Operate Scanner
Operate Special Visual Effects Equipment
Operate Specialized Photo Equipment
Order Or Purchase Supplies, Materials, Or Equipment
Organize Commercial Artistic Or Design Projects
Organize Story Elements
Oversee Work Progress To Verify Safety Or Conformance To Standards
Participate In Staff Training Programs
Perceive Or Distinguish Color, Balance , And, Or Proportion In Graphic Or Related Production
Plan Art Or Museum Exhibits
Plan Construction Of Structures Or Facilities
Plan Or Organize Work
Prepare Artwork For Camera Or Press
Price Merchandise
Produce Photographic Prints
Proofread Printed Or Written Material
Read Or Understand Construction Specifications
Read Technical Drawings
Research Methods Of Processing, Forming, Or Firing Clays
Retouch Negatives Or Prints
Review Assembled Film Or Video Tape On Monitor
Set Type In Compositional Sequence
Shape Clay
Sketch Or Draw Subjects Or Items
Solder Metal Parts Or Components Together
Tell Stories Through Musical, Visual, Or Dramatic Arts
Test Materials Or Solutions
Understand Artistic Crafts Production Methods
Use Color Analyzer
Use Computer Graphics Design Software
Use Computers To Enter, Access Or Retrieve Data
Use Creativity In Designing Interior Spaces
Use Creativity In Industrial Artistry
Use Field Notes In Technical Drawings
Use Hand Or Power Tools
Use Measuring Devices In Professional Photography
Use Portable Hand Spray Equipment
Use Specialized Tools
Use Spray Paint Equipment
Use Word Processing and Desktop Publishing Software
Here Are Skills Associated With My 15 Years Of Retail:
Advise Clients Or Customers
Answer Customer Or Public Inquiries
Apply Basic Math (Arithmetic, Ratios, Proportions Or Conversions)
Apply Customer Service Techniques
Apply Industry Terms Or Concepts
Apply Knowledge Of Metric System
Apply Knowledge Of Sales Contracts
Apply Knowledge Of Visual Communication To Correspond With Customers
Apply Knowledge Of Written Communication To Correspond With Customers
Apply Oral Or Written Communication Techniques
Apply Sales Techniques
Arrange Merchandise Display
Assemble Advertising Displays
Authorize Credit Charges
Calculate Rates For Organization's Products Or Services
Clean Rooms Or Work Areas
Collect Deposit Or Payment
Demonstrate Goods Or Services
Determine Specifications
Estimate Cost For Repair Services
Estimate Materials Or Labor Requirements
Greet Customers, Guests, Visitors, Or Passengers
Identify Best Product For Customer's Needs
Inspect Merchandise To Determine Value
Inspect Products Or Materials For Damage, Defects, Or Shortages
Maintain Records, Reports, Or Files
Manage Inventories Or Supplies
Measure Customer For Size
Measure, Weigh, Or Count Products Or Materials
Obtain Information From Individuals
Prepare Bank Deposits
Price Merchandise
Process Credit Transaction
Rent Item To Customer
Sell Insurance Policies
Sell Merchandise
Stock Or Organize Goods
Use Cash Registers
Use Computers To Enter, Access Or Retrieve Data
Wrap Products


Family and Portrait photo album samples



Angel Rodriguez


80 Blossom Street Nashua, NH 03060

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